Social media and photographers

Illustrating a story on social media,photo of running water frozen by fast shutter speed Colac Australia. Photography courses regional Australia.
Running water photographed in a drain during a workshop near Colac.

In the news this week. Announcements of BIG changes to some social media platforms in the pipeline. As we would expect, these changes are for our benefit. They will make social media safer, nicer and all warm and friendly. I noticed that one news report I read also ran with the full list of places we could seek help should we be depressed or even dare I mention the word. Suicidal, from our interactions with said media.
All this love and care almost left me feeling positive about the effect our big beautiful internet media giants are having on our society. And of course, believing that they really cared about us the sheeple who use these platforms.
But no, the cynical old bastard in me came through. History tells me each time these guys do something for our benefit. It is almost certainly another grab for cash. In its simplest form. If you can reduce the amount of cash that pours into the accounts of so-called influences. Then it just stands to reason the people using influences to sell a product will need to find another avenue to maintain sales. I’m betting that answer for many vendors will be to go down the road of paid advertising.
But, then again I’m just cynical.
And I guess for bottom dwellers like ourselves and thousands of other small photography businesses with a total social media following that can be counted without even having to take our shoes and socks off. It matters not.
On the other hand for the few photographers who have spent years of hard work getting their social media following to a level that finally pays a meagre wage and helps with the mortgage. I hear truck driving is popular with former photographers.