Photo Adventures Australia Online

Altered road sign Australian outback stock photo by Excitations
Oodnadatta Track. Australian humour added to "DIP" road signs along way.

Why we’ve finally decided to take Photo Adventures Australia online.

If you’re the impatient type. Don’t read all the reasons below. All you need to know is we are taking Photo Adventures Australia Online.

Little Pied Cormorant photographed on a photography adventure course by Excitations. Photo Adventures Australia online
Really, they’re taking Photo Adventures Australia Online!

There we were, a plan in hand and cruising along. We would ease ourselves out of the day to day photography and into, travel and running workshops.

After all, travel, photography and the desire to pass on a lifetimes worth of hard-earned photography knowledge seemed to us, to be retirement heaven. Then along came Covid. Enough said really.

Like thousands of others, our plans have been on hold for nearly twelve months. Work evaporated, and face to face workshops had to stop.

As I’m writing this, Victoria has plunged into yet another “lockdown”. To put that into perspective, any event planned for tomorrow in Victoria is now off. For example, you are a couple planning to get married tomorrow; it’s not going to happen.

For us, it means, another couple of days wasted just re-scheduling photography jobs. I know, nothing really in the scheme of things, but, costly and time-consuming.

After a lot of gut-wrenching navel-gazing, we have reluctantly decided life is too short to waste just sitting around waiting. It is time to become pro-active and just do it.

Of course, defining IT may be more challenging than it looks:) As I type this, I have more questions for myself than I have answers. My guess is there are a lot of you in the same boat. So after a 220-word preamble, here is part of our solution.

We will commence creating online photography content. Some of this content will be free, and some will be a subscription-based payment model. We tried early in the Covid experience to fill the gap for some clients by putting together a handful of tutorials. Let’s say that was a BIG learning experience.

Our most prominent critic was me. I just hated seeing myself ramble on. If I had wanted to be in front of a camera, I wouldn’t have chosen to be a photographer. During my time doing TV stuff, one of the reporters I worked with use to tell me, I had a great face for radio, it is just a pity you haven’t got the voice.

However, we soldiered on, with me becoming more annoyed all the time. We got to the stage; we considered having a presenter do all the on-camera stuff. But that was never going to work. It would require scripting and more editing and even more “takes.” And, the whole idea was to give people as close as possible, the being there experience.

We already get enough of attractive faces spewing words of advice to us on television—people whose first job is to be a presenter. Again, back to my TV camera days. I lost count of the number of times we had to reshoot something because the on-air talent couldn’t remember the difference between an apple and an orange:)

Excitations stock photo of 3 young women busking with a small audience, back view.
Female busker in Rundle Mall Adelaide joined by two passers by for impromtu perforance.

Let me tell you what this online content won’t be or have. I know I’ve said this before on social media, but, it is worth repeating. At least I think so.

I promise you will see me as little as possible. Lots of long shots or point of view shots that should make viewing easier for you:) Sadly you will need to get used to the monotone voice and often slurred words plus heaps of mispronunciations.

None of the content will be product placements or equipment reviews. I’ll be leaving that stuff to the professional reviewers on YouTube. You know the ones, spouting on endlessly about the missing features on this new camera when it is clear they haven’t even seen the camera:

Be warned; I will be me. Not some fantasy me designed primarily for social media. Expect to be offended, have your view of the world questioned, and expect more than the occasional swear word. If you are not Australian, expect to hear phrases that are unfamiliar to you.

Don’t expect to see some refined old gentleman sitting in a beautifully lit studio set, a mug of coffee in hand trying to impress you with his grasp of the English language, just saying.

Right, we know what we won’t see, tell us what we can expect.

Closeup of petal detail of yellow calendula flower available to license from Excitations stock pictures Australia.…

The plan is to produce one take, informative video content about all things photography. Because I’m a simpleton and try not to make stuff too complicated we will primarily deal with the HOW AND WHY aspects of photography. Some people like to call this right brain left brain:)

We would love to incorporate travel into content creation. You can expect lots of location work and how-tos. BUT don’t expect the usual tourist destinations. A yet to be controlled virus will govern where we can and can’t go:)

Expect there to be lots of questions for you to answer. Hint, there is likely no right or wrong answer. So no lucky door prize:) However, I hope these questions and your answers give you a better appreciation of yourself as a photographer.

Now we’re so excited to be taking a leap into the unknown, and hope you will join us when we take Photo Adventures Australia Online.