Internet camera reviews

Close up of womans hand holdiing a DSLR Camera. Internet camera reviews, Excitations Photo Adventures
Camera reviews on the internet, good and bad.

Something I always tell my workshop and adventure clients. Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet…. Boy is that true. Find a website or two. Read a bit of their stuff and get a feel for their take on things. Especially try and establish if they are a fanboy/girl site. There are plenty of those. Brand XYZ is just the best, yadda yadda. When the truth is, the site is sponsored by or indirectly controlled by XYZ company.

Recently I read a review of two cameras that I use regularly. Just to be clear these pieces of kit are like chalk and cheese. Built to do entirely different things. Sorta like test driving a school bus and a family sedan. Then bitching about the bus not being fast enough over a quarter mile and having a crappy turning circle. Crazy right. Well, this review was exactly like that. Clearly, the reviewer didn’t comprehend, that some people just need the school bus to carry 45 passengers and the family ride won’t do the job.

And look out for the expert who proclaims that XYZ brand cameras can do everything.  Just as the family sedan is capable of carrying 45 passengers over many trips. Most cameras can do most things, but specialist cameras shine at doing what they are designed to do.

Here are links to a couple of review sites that I turn to, Digital Photography Review, better known as DPREVIEW generally accurate, mostly unbiased and definitely in depth. My other regular is, Luminous Landscape, good reviews and content, focussing mostly on mirrorless and cropped sensor cameras plus as an added bonus a good amount of art of photography content. This is a subscription site. You will need to forgo 3-4 cups of coffee over the year to afford it.