Free Photography course online.

Free photography course tips and tricks videos added most weeks.

This is the point where you leave if you are not interested in free stuff. However if you are interested in free photography courses online, maybe stick around.

I’m not promising a fully fledge learning experience here. Nor do I expect it will be for everyone. But for an investment of 3 minutes of your time each week, it looks to me as if it could be worth a look or two:)

The short introduction video below may give you an idea of the somewhat relaxed and informal format of the series. While most of the content will be hosted over at YouTube, I’ll post some of the course as it is produced at the bottom of this page.

Please also note that the content is somewhat random. A bit like my brain really. All over the place.

You need to hit play, there is no preview for a reason, all will be revealed:)

All of the videos in this series are available from our YouTube Channel.