Aussie Photo Adventures
Aerial photograph of patterns in the surface of a salt lake, Australia.

Places I’d like to be

22/08/2020 0

Here are a few of my photography hunting grounds. Or if you like, places I’d like to be, rather than stuck at home. Interesting times, […]



What can I do?

Well, the below link isn’t specifically Australian related, and some of the advice may be off-base, but it is worth a read.
It is probably worth two reads. Most photographers let image theft slip.

They are dismissing image theft as not worth the effort to attempt to recover compensation for blatant commercial exploitation of their hard work. I know, as I have been guilty of this on many occasions.
There are a few images I have that I would definitely follow up. And, have, with varying success.
Here is the link to defending copyright on the BBC’s website.


Vivid saturated double sunflower supplied by excitations




Well, hello world. Hard borders are coming down, and we’re allowed to come out to play again. If I could do cartwheels, I would, alas that isn’t going to happen:)

So what is next on the agenda? Good question kind of wished you hadn’t asked:)

What is the old saying? Something about my dance card is full. Well from now until Christmas it is for sure, which isn’t a bad thing.

We avoid doing workshops in December and January always. December workshops end up with only being me there because everyone has Christmas on their minds.
January people want workshops to learn their new cameras. But outdoor workshops in January is only for the most enthusiastic photographers.
March is the blast-off month. We’ll have a lot of new stuff, and the old will look a little different.

Plus we are taking a lot of classes online. You have no idea how much I’ve tried to avoid that. But, I’ve finally found a way to do it without you having to look at my ugly dial to often. That is a good thing. All I’m going to tell you is there will be free content and paid content. There won’t be any sponsored segments, and you definitely won’t be seeing any unboxing videos, or girls or guys with their guns out acting as click-bait.


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Excitations Photo Adventures, photography instructor, Ian Mckenzie

Learn a little more about our chief instructor, Ian McKenzie. That’s the old bloke above, we have a Q&A session with him. Just click on the picture.


I know, I sound like a broken record. But once again I remind you that if you are using services on the world wide web, that are free. Then you are the product.
Seriously, there are very few apps or plugins etc. that are indeed free. Mostly they are all created to learn more about you. Your details are essential to a whole lot of people. Shopping habits, your preferences, opinions, likes, dislikes and a whole bunch of other stuff.
We all know this, I’m sure. But we forget. I know I do. Mostly, the information we give away, often totally obliviously, via trackers embedded into our app or plugin has no immediate impact on our lives. So we put up with it.
What happens when all those little breadcrumb sized snippets of information become our profile? A document that can be used and seen by anyone with the will and the money to access it.

Just asking….