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Does anyone remember the compact camera of just a few years ago? Chances are if you answered yes to the above, you are older than 25 and officially a dinosaur. That is one of the problems the camera industry is having, losing market segment to mobile devices. Compacts were cheap to make, made good profits and most people bought one. Today they don’t exist. Everyone has a mobile phone that takes good pictures and is always with you.


A lot of photographers use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps. One of the significant advantages of using this subscription service is, your app is always up to date so that you do not need to waste time checking and upgrading constantly.
Of course, this convenience comes at a price. But for the cost of a couple of coffees and maybe a cake. Photoshop, Lightroom (desktop) + Lightroom (creative cloud) along with Bridge are yours.
That isn’t a bad deal; most photographers will use photoshop, and a lot will use either one or the other Lightrooms.
But, did you know that your subscription comes with cloud storage, more storage more dollars is the name of the game. With cloud storage comes a couple of useful tools.
Adobe Spark is a robust cloud-based app capable useful for creating social media-ready content.
Adobe Portfolio, as the name suggests, is a nifty method of creating clean, attractive web-based portfolios.

Vivid saturated double sunflower supplied by excitations



bridge closed sign

If you haven’t heard, Victoria, is now officially a STATE OF DISASTER. And, yes I’m aware of the typo. However in light of the moronic behaviour over the last 3 weeks, I’m pretty sure the above statement is correct.


You won’t remember, but earlier this year I reported the colour of the year was one of the Pantone Blues.

Laypeople like would call it sky blue. I expected to see it pop up in design work and to colour fonts. However I didn’t expect to see it used as a solid colour replace the natural sky in photos.

But, that is exactly what I’m seeing. Gone are the graduated natural looking skies we are use to. Replaced with just one single solid colour.

I have to say looks so good. NOT



RSS mildura weather

  • VIC Sheep graziers warning issued at 3:29pm EST
    Issued: Saturday at 3:29pm EST Description: Sheep graziers warning Summary: Cancelled Sheep Graziers Warning for Mallee, Wimmera, N Country, N Central, North East, South West, Central, W & S Gippsland & E Gippsland
  • Current weather for Mildura at 9:20pm EST
    Temperature: 8.5°C Feels like: 6.4°C Dew point: 6.8°C Relative humidity: 89% Wind: E at 7 km/h, gusting to 9 km/h Rain: 0.0mm since 9am Pressure: 1015.2 hPa
  • Mildura weather forecast
    Sunday Fog then sunny 2°C - 14°C Monday Frost then sunny 2°C - 18°C Tuesday Late shower 6°C - 17°C Wednesday Showers 7°C - 19°C
  • Mallee weather
    Mildura weather radar Satellite cloud map


Excitations Photo Adventures, photography instructor, Ian Mckenzie

Learn a little more about our chief instructor, Ian McKenzie. That’s the old bloke above, we have a Q&A session with him. Just click on the picture.

Observations from a grumpy old buggar who has been confined to barracks:)


At a time when many stock photographers are finding themselves questioning their industry, another major agency has announced a shakeup to their terms of trade. Once again, it appears that contributing photographers will be the losers.

While I have never contributed material to this agency, I understand they have a tiered payment system. The more images or video sold, the higher the percentage of the sale the artist received—an incentive for content providers to work harder, thus providing the agency with more material to license.

Now under the new rules, it appears that the photographer’s reward for hard work will reset on January 1st each year. Which means photographers who have worked their collective butts off and reached a level of 40% of sales revenue, will be relegated to receiving 15% of the sale value. HAPPY NEW YEAR SUCKER.

Want to know more follow this link to YouTube.

I found it funny to find a couple of people who have older videos praising the company now have new videos:)