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Simple timelapse

24/02/2020 0

Creating a simple timelapse Making a simple timelapse video with your still camera is incredibly easy. We all know that video footage is nothing more […]

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Motion blur semi-abstract photograph of commuters in Melbourne Australia waiting for a tram. Photo for Excitations Photo Adventures in Australia.

Here is a simple trick to relieve boredom when you are feeling uninspired. Look for a subject with a mix of moving and stationary elements. It can be anything.
For the image above, I selected a busy tram stop in Melbourne on a rainy day.
The technique was simple. Select a slow, or as some people call it a long shutter duration. In this case, 1/5th of a second.

I handheld the camera while leaning against a pillar for support. With the shutter open, it meant that people standing still would be rendered relatively sharp, while those moving would blur. The same with the tram because it was moving it also displayed motion blur.
In an image like this, the big thing is keeping your camera stationary.

What is exposure bracketing?

In its purest form, exposure bracketing is telling your camera to take three photos when you release the shutter. One exposure each at the following settings. Normal, as determined by the cameras exposure system, then one each underexposed and overexposed.
Exposure bracketing works best for static or slow-moving subjects. And not so well for high-speed action like sports photos. Where the time it takes to make a series of exposures would potentially mean missing the shot.

Exposure bracketing is set-up via your menu settings and can be a simple three exposure bracket as described above. Probably the most common would be normal, plus one-stop and minus one-stop. Depending on your camera, the sequence can be many frames, with the amount of exposure variation set via the menu. The smallest increment being 1/3 of a stop, increasing to three stops occasionally more.

You should use exposure bracketing, when you are in a once in a lifetime situation, with no time to check and retake your photo. Or if you intend to create HDR images (high dynamic range) at a later date.






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Or, when does an edit in video news matter? Today we see a story about a world leader using a heavily edited piece of video to aid his re-election campaign. Is dramatically altering the sequence of events to attack your political opponent  morally acceptable?

Or is the act of posting a video to social media as proof of racial abuse, really proof?

If the video starts at the moment of the abuse but fails to show the five minutes prior to that point where the alleged abuser is tormented and humiliated  by the alleged victim.


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Underwater Photos of The year.

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Excitations Photo Adventures, photography instructor, Ian Mckenzie

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