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Distant weak storm front build with Cumulus clouds, photo is monochrome with a dead tree branch dominating the right hand corner of the frame. Cloudy sky pictures for Excitations photo adventures and photography training.

Cloudy sky pictures

20/06/2019 0

Never take cloudy sky pictures Words of wisdom delivered over the phone by my photo-agent many years ago, going on to tell me “not even […]

tips and tricks


Just in time for your weekend viewing. Short videos aimed at beginners but often useful to more advanced photographers.

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Adding colour saturation, sharpness and contrast to your image files is easy. But what happens if you have added too much goodness to your photos. Removing an overly harsh, slider to the right in Photoshop is nearly impossible.
Consider doing one of the following: Duplicate your file and do your magic in Photoshop. Remember, to save the image file with a new name. Or making your adjustments on separate layers and save the file as a .psd or .tif with layers.

Young woman holding her camera looking out ofver Murray River. Prom image for Excitations Photo Adventures youtube tips and tricks.

Click the image above for 3 minute video: camera holding tricks.

Excitations Photo Adventures, photography instructor, Ian Mckenzie

Learn a little more about our chief instructor, Ian McKenzie. That’s the old bloke above, we have a Q&A session with him. Just click on the picture.


Golden sunset over Murray River near Mildura with water-skiers. Promotional image for Excitations Beginners Photography Course.


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image file resolutions cover picture of twilight dusk landscape western NSW Australia. By Australian Photo Adventures and Excitations.
All you need to know.


Addition to their R series on the way. This one is an Astro-camera explicitly designed for you night owls who love shooting stars.
At the same time, Canon has also laid out its road map for new lenses for the mirrorless series. Exciting times ahead.


  1. Sunraysia Beginners Photography Workshop

    21/03/2020 @ 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

RSS mildura weather

  • Current weather for Mildura at 5:40pm EDT
    Temperature: 20.2°C Feels like: 11.9°C Dew point: -0.4°C Relative humidity: 25% Wind: SW at 32 km/h, gusting to 37 km/h Rain: 0.0mm since 9am Pressure: 1014.9 hPa
  • Mildura weather forecast
    Wednesday Hazy 7°C - 24°C Thursday Mostly sunny 9°C - 26°C Friday Mostly sunny 9°C - 27°C Saturday Mostly sunny 9°C - 25°C
  • Mallee weather
    Mildura weather radar Satellite cloud map


If you are a Mac IOS user consider holding off on the upgrade to “Catalina”. There are lots of reports of current software not playing well with the new OS. This includes some very popular programs but is really impacting on the usability of some professional specific programs.


Red mountains late afternoon light advertising a photo adventure to the top end by Excitations.
Late afternoon on hills near Georges Creek, on the Oodnadata Track, South Australia.

I’m contemplating a trip to the top-end of our beautiful island and intending to photograph some bloody big thunderstorms. We are currently looking at early November 2020. Our intention to capture build-up storms, not the wet variety which is often not photogenic.
Our group will consist of a maximum of 4-5 photographers, two vehicles, travelling from Victoria by road through South Australia into the Territory via a non-direct route. Non-direct because we are photographers, not tourists. Return by air.
Accommodation will be a mix of camping and hard roof motels/cabins. Tents will be a two-person size with single occupancy.
Pricing and logistics still to be finalized. Duration around 14 days.
If you are interested in joining us, please let us know, early. There is no cost for expressions of interest.