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Simple timelapse

24/02/2020 0

Creating a simple timelapse Making a simple timelapse video with your still camera is incredibly easy. We all know that video footage is nothing more […]




Somebody managed to convince news outlets to run a story on sanitising AFL stadiums using a drone. As any good PR person will tell you the key to getting coverage is to provide a photo-opportunity.

So, there we were, in an empty stadium with a drone dribbling water over the seats. Apparently they are still searching of a environmentally suitable product to spray. And I suspect a drone that actually works as a viable spray vehicle:)

But better than that. A push by some marketing genius who wants to celebrate the end of the “LockDown” by holding a series of massive street parties in Melbourne. Another great idea I’m sure.


Close-up of Blue Finger native terrestrial orchid, Australia photo adventures by Excitations.
Cyanicula caerulea, commonly know as Blue Fingers, Eastern Tiny Blue China Orchid

Getting up close to photograph anything is very simple. Most cameras will focus on a relatively close subject. Most kit-lenses these days will include in their name the term “macro” or “micro”. Using those terms muddies the water. Probably intentionally.

They are giving the owners the impression that their lens is a “macro” when it isn’t really. Yes, they focus to a close distance but rarely as close as an actual Macro/Micro lens would.
Dedicated macro lenses have a much flatter front lens element. That is no accident. The flattened element improves the ability of the lens to retain edge to edge sharpness of flat objects. Think postage stamps, works of art and the like.

Also, dedicated macro lenses are formulated to give sharper results than a jack of all trades lens. However, macro lenses aren’t just useful for extremely high-quality close-up photography. They also work well as a prime lens.





We are currently in the wait and see phase for face to face events. While we are now allowed to gather in small groups in Vic and NSW we are waiting to see if there will be a rebound effect or second wave.

I’m sure you will understand that scheduling of new events is done at least two months in advance. Two months is a very long time in our current current climate.

ALL EVENTS Scheduled for Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia are postponed until we see an end to COVID-19 restrictions 


Some used kit, more to come.


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  • Current weather for Mildura at 1:50pm EST
    Temperature: 16.1°C Feels like: 14.8°C Dew point: 3.9°C Relative humidity: 44% Wind: CAL at 0 km/h, gusting to 2 km/h Rain: 0.0mm since 9am Pressure: 1023.9 hPa
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    Saturday Mostly sunny 0°C - 16°C Sunday Mostly sunny 3°C - 13°C Monday Mostly sunny 2°C - 14°C Tuesday Mostly sunny 2°C - 16°C
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Excitations Photo Adventures, photography instructor, Ian Mckenzie

Learn a little more about our chief instructor, Ian McKenzie. That’s the old bloke above, we have a Q&A session with him. Just click on the picture.

Observations from a grumpy old buggar who has been confined to barracks:)


At a time when many stock photographers are finding themselves questioning their industry, another major agency has announced a shakeup to their terms of trade. Once again, it appears that contributing photographers will be the losers.

While I have never contributed material to this agency, I understand they have a tiered payment system. The more images or video sold, the higher the percentage of the sale the artist received—an incentive for content providers to work harder, thus providing the agency with more material to license.

Now under the new rules, it appears that the photographer’s reward for hard work will reset on January 1st each year. Which means photographers who have worked their collective butts off and reached a level of 40% of sales revenue, will be relegated to receiving 15% of the sale value. HAPPY NEW YEAR SUCKER.

Want to know more follow this link to YouTube.

I found it funny to find a couple of people who have older videos praising the company now have new videos:)