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24/06/2021 0

Years ago a client asked us to produce a calendar image of drylands farming. No hurry, we don’t need it until tomorrow:) Luckily the pixel […]


There is a reason for the blank screen on the above video. You’re just going to have to press play to find out.

Friday Foto Tips


Seriously, the one thing that has always pissed me off about photography is the price gouging around photographic equipment. For example, today I, received a once in a lifetime opportunity via email to purchase a second-hand studio lighting reflector.
$392, for a spun aluminium bowl measuring 350mm in diameter by about 180mm deep, you are bloody kidding, right. A beginner metal worker could knock one of these out in a couple of hours using about $5 worth of sheeting.
Or a trip down the bargain aisle of the local kitchen supply shop would save you the effort of building your own. All you would need to do is cut a bloody hole in the bottom, which would reduce the weight in your pocket by about $35 tops.
Remember, this was a second-hand item, complete with dings and scratches. I’m happy to pay good money, but I want good value for my $1, and this isn’t it.
Another example for you. A few years ago, the head of an excellent tripod from a well-known manufacturer of quality equipment developed a minor fault. At least I thought it was minor:). I got a quote to repair from the authorised Australian distributor, $600.
I loved this tripod, but at that price, I could shell out another $200 and get a brand new head for it. Then I had thought (I don’t have many, but this was one of those occasions). I went into an engineering works and asked if there was anything they could do.
Absolutely sir, we can fix that, come back in 15 minutes, and it’ll be ready. Fifteen minutes later, it was indeed complete, good as new. Now came the time to settle up. “If you’ve got $20 cash on you, well call it quits and put the note into our Xmas party fund.”
Remember that was a 600 dollar repair earlier:).



This is a great place to start.

The Australian Copyright Council.


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If you haven’t already guessed, state borders will be “slammed shut” in an instant if  new outbreaks of Covid occur.

Certainly not the news I’d been waiting for:) But, then again, this isn’t news that we hadn’t expected.


Photo by Steve Johnson/upsplash

Ok, so I have my grumpy hat on today. And, I don’t mean to be offensive to our LBGTQ community or our ethnically diverse population. But today, I received an email note from one of our agencies.

It started G’day Ian, that tells me they are trying to convince me they are like me, an Ozzie. Then it proceeds to tell me that my submissions are not inclusive enough, and I must try to make future submissions more inclusive to the LBGTQ community by including more people from that community in my photos. But, it doesn’t stop there. It further informed me that my pictures lack people of colour, and BLM is very important in our marketing currently.

To be very clear, I’m not against any of the above, but please no that my pictures for this mob are almost exclusively devoid of humanity because my speciality with them is the environment. Secondly, when I visit their member’s resource site to see examples of what they mean, there are dozens of pictures of people displaying the pride flag and dressed in rainbow clothing.
But like the TV advertising, that’s not all folks. You also get pages of pictures of ethnically diverse people. People of colour, or more specifically, African Americans, missing are all the other shades of colour. For example, there are zero Asians and indeed no black Africans, for example, Congolese people.
My beef is, we seem to exclude a whole lot of humanity in our rush to be… what’s the term, woke.



We have an explanation HERE.

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This space bought to you by Ian, as he is too lazy to produce the content on time to fill said space:)

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Excitations Photo Adventures, photography instructor, Ian Mckenzie

Learn a little more about our chief instructor, Ian McKenzie. That’s the old bloke above, we have a Q&A session with him. Just click on the picture.


I’m not a lawyer and have zero qualifications to offer advice about legal matters. Which, as it turns out, is about the same level of expertise behind some of the idiots offering gems of advice on the world wide web.

But that isn’t what I want to talk about today. Instead, let’s look at the false advertising thing and photography. It doesn’t take long browsing photographers websites to realise that many of us… shall we say over-embellish the truth. A couple of recent examples. ” We have a team of in-house retouchers standing by to make you look your absolute best”, loosely translated means; I send my retouching jobs to India:) Or, “We have photographers in every state of Australia ready to serve you wherever you are” Translation:- PM me, and I’ll try and find a photographer for you:)

Now, we are told to “fake it till you make it”, but be careful; there can be consequences. I saw a news report recently, where a relatively small business made a similar claim on their website. Many would argue their proven misleading statements were less misleading than the above two examples. The result was a fine for misleading advertising running into several tens of thousands of dollars.

Just saying.

Moving to MeWe

The downsides to this is it costs us $$ to have business pages additional storage and a number of other things provided free by FB. Free that is if you don’t count giving FB the keys to your privacy:)

Our MeWe test space HERE


This week Aussie native plants:)