Photography workshops and courses.

Photo workshops and courses in the classroom and on the road across regional Australia.
Spectacular photograph of multiple lightning strikes over salt lake near Mildura. Photography workshps and courses in regional australia by Excitations.
Spectacular electrical storm, near Mildura, North Western Victoria, Australia.

Join us as we take our photography workshops and  courses into regional Australia.

Excitations conduct regular photography workshops and courses at our Barn style studio and on location.  We delight in taking you to new places with your photography… Whether that is teaching you new photography skills or helping you take your photographic vision to new levels. Or simply imersing you in new and challenging photographic environments.

Excitations photo adventures are just that… Adventures into the world of photography. Even our basic Beginners Guide to Photography course in  a classroom or on location is designed to  kick start your thirst for more knowledge and adventure.

Excitations Turbo-Charge your Photography workshop is similar, although we really start to push your skills up a notch or two here. Then we have our on the road or on location Photo Adventures. Small groups of keen photographers hitting the road with the sole aim of improving our photography skills.

Sunraysia Beginners Photography Class

August 20th 2017 for Sunraysia Beginners Photography workshop.

Our last Sunraysia Beginners Photography class for this year. For the first time ever, will be held on a Sunday. Just because you asked. What does that ARB add say…. “You just have to ask”

More information  can be found here. A direct link to the secure online booking page run by TryBooking is here.

Earlybird discounts auto apply if you book before the 20th July 2017. So get in early and save a few dollars. Talking of money. The full cost before discounts is $69 for Adults. Students and under 18’s get in for just $39.00.

Our beginners guide to photography runs four hours. This one starts at 1pm sharpish. We take a few minutes off around the halfway mark. Tea, coffee, juice and lite snack is included.

Bring you camera and instruction manual. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Because if you need to ask a question, there is a very good chance other people will want to know the very same thing.Sample late afternoon image of reflections on water prepared for Excitations Sunraysia Beginners Photography workshops.The image above  taken during an Excitations Photo Adventures Beginners Guide to Photography. On this occasion we were in the Grampians region. As luck would have it. This was our classroom for the afternoon. Now I’m not kidding you into thinking we are going to get a picture like this. Firstly because we will be shooting and learning without the aid of a lake or pond. Secondly, because we will spend our time solving problems in a number of locations around our studio garden.Fog shrouded trees prepared for story on  Excitations Photo Adventures Sunraysia Beginners Photography course, Mildura.Almost the same spot. This image taken twelve hours after the first. As Ian was heading to another advance photography workshop. He happened past the location from the night before. The transformation couldnot have been more dramatic..

As photographers we have a saying. “F8 and be there.” You just never know when the pixel gods will smile on you.

Warrnambool Intermediate Photography Workshop

Warrnambool Intermediate Photography Workshop.

Supercharge your photography skills, with Excitations Photo Adventures. Warrnambool Intermediate Photography Workshop. To be held on 28th May. The venue will be Flying Horse Bar and Brewery.

This photography workshop is for photographers who already have the basics and want to advance their photography skills.

Lightning strikes as seen across a saltlake. Stock photo by excitations. for Warnambool Intermediate Photography Workshop
Fast approaching thunderstorm, viewed from salt lake. North Western Victoria, Australia.

We will refresh the basics. Look at making iso, aperture and shutterspeeds work for us in a creative a environment. Shoot a number of photography setups. Look at potential problems and find practical solutions.
Discuss the pros and cons of RAW Vs Jpeg workflows.
We will introduce you to your new  photography friend. Metadata. Sounds complicated but it isn’t. This will save you so much time and frustration for years to come.

Your course leader for the day will be Ian McKenzie. Ian is  a full time working photographer.  With 40 years experience in photo processing, TV news and commercial production. With his wife Robyn operated a commercial, portrait and wedding photography studio.

Excitations Photo Adventures workshops and photo tours are held all over regional Australia. We are excited to be bring this intermediate photography workshop to Warrnambool.

Adult ticket prices $169  Student or under 18 tickets $129  Bookings though TryBooking Website recieve a 10% early bird discount up until 10th May.


Warnambool Beginners Photography.

Warnambool Beginners Photography Workshop, May 27th 2017.

We’re off on another photo adventure. This time down to the South Coast of Victoria. While we’re there we will be conducting a couple of photography workshops. The first being, the Warnambool Beginners Photography Workshop.

This workshop is suited to photographers just starting out with either dslr cameras or mirrorless style cameras with manual, aperture priority and shutter priority settings.
Please note prices below are full price. Early Bird Discount Auto applies if still valid.

The Warnambool Beginners Photography workshop will be held at the Flying Horse Bar and Brewery. Starting at 1pm and running through to 5 pm, May 27th, 2017.

Your investment is  $69 for adults and $39 for students. There is a 10% early bird discount on bookings made before 10th May.

Some more information Here

Free photography tips for beginners

Photography tips for beginners, bush craft.

A couple of free photography tips for beginners in the following video. Ian talks about keeping your camera sensor clean. Plus, at no extra cost. He also explains some of the advantages of using a lens hood.

You may have noticed we called this bush craft. That’s false advertising. Because this stuff applies in almost all outdoor locations. Anyway, the old bloke is down by the river. He has his Akubra hat on and the birds are singing.

Next Beginners photography workshop dates and locations. Can be found  at http//:www.excitations.com.au via the menu or go direct here.

Appologies for the less than perfect audio, vision and presenter. But when the old fella starts talking, we start recording. Your investment to obtain these photography tips for beginners is 2 minutes and four seconds of your time.

Quick photo tips, lens changing and using a lens hood. from Ian McKenzie on Vimeo.

On my way to Horsham photo workshop

Traveling to our Horsham photo workshop on Sunday and this happened.
Black and white panoram photograph of storm approaching over a wheat field with a cute little historic church bathed in sunlight.
Summer storm moves over harvested cereal crop.

Running very nearly late as usual. On the drive to a Horsham photo workshop the other day. The weather slowly changed from a beautiful clear day into developing weather.

As the skies became darker, I became more and more eager to find some subject to put into a picture. The early morning light was making stuff contrast beautifully against the ever darkening sky. But mile after mile and nothing appeared. I was kind of hoping for a bright red harvester, being that it is full on havest season…. But nothing.

Then…. Bingo. Out of the courner of my eye, I see this little church, bathed in gorgeous sunlight. A quick stop, with just enough time to get to the fence line and take 2 photos before the light was gone.

Photo lesson for the day. Always have your camera ready, and look for mother natures little gifts.

Oh and the Horsham photo workshop. Well I made it on time and look forward to doing another workshop there or over in the Grampians next year.

Internet camera reviews

Camera reviews on the internet, good and bad.

Something I always tell my workshop and adventure clients. Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet…. Boy is that true. Find a website or two. Read a bit of their stuff and get a feel for their take on things. Especially try and establish if they are a fanboy/girl site. There are plenty of those. Brand XYZ is just the best, yadda yadda. When the truth is, the site is sponsored by or indirectly controlled by XYZ company.

Recently I read a review of two cameras that I use regularly. Just to be clear these pieces of kit are like chalk and cheese. Built to do entirely different things. Sorta like test driving a school bus and a family sedan. Then bitching about the bus not being fast enough over a quarter mile and having a crappy turning circle. Crazy right. Well this review was exactly like that. Clearly the reviewer didn’t comprehend, that some people just need the school bus to carry 45 passengers and the family ride won’t do the job.

And look out  for the expert who proclaims that XYZ brand cameras can do everything.  Just as the family sedan is capable of  carrying 45 passengers over many trips. Most cameras can do most things, but specialist cameras shine at doing what they are designed to do.

Photography training

Photography training for beginners though to seasoned professionals

We call our photography training division, Photo Adventures. We hope that name helps explain our intent when it comes to learning photography. Photo training should be an adventure. Creating images is an adventure.

As a beginner photographer your focus is on your camera and how it works. More experience leads to a thirst for more knowledge and you begin to try new techniques and explore new ways of seeing a photograph. The higher and higher you climb the ladder of photographic experience the more you’ll find your interest in the HOW will decrease and your focus will be on the WHY.

Intermediate photographers. Taking that next step, building confidence and knowledge of your camera, the process and your unique vision. This is where the real fun begins. Shooting to impress or tell stories important to you. Maybe entering international photography competitions or just making great art whatever you choose  your are now ready.

Excitations photography traing, or Photo Adventures as we call it,  provide a number of different courses to suit most skill levels. Our Beginners Guide to Photography, Intermediate Photography Workshop and Excitations Photo Adventures are designed to cater for many interests. Especially our traveling Photo Adventures which are basically a a group of workshops tied together around a theme over a number of days in different locations.
Common Heath flower, Epacris impressa

Adobe Lightroom new features

While I haven’t had time to have a good look at the new features in Adobe Lightroom for photographers. I have to say I’m more than a little interested in the new Facial Recognition Feature for cataloging.

Hopefully it works as described. Could be a time saver for a lot of photographers out there. If you get a chance check it out and let me know what you think. Free Trial Adobe Lightroom.